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ChiRunning Pain-Free

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Nutrition

I just got back from an amazing 7 mile run. It is still very cold in Wisconsin, the temperature was only 10 degrees this student writing paper morning, so I dressed a little warmer, drank my chia seeds and headed out.

Using the guide from my ChiRunning half marathon training program by Danny and Katherine Dreyer; the 5 focus’ I worked on this morning were: Circular feet * Balance in the “window of lean” * The “C” Shape * Feel Pelvis rotate from the Pivot Point * Limp lower legs.

As I slowly warmed up I sensed my feet and visualized them going around in a circular wheel “kinda like the road runner”. I am a morning runner but my body was tired this morning, so I did a lot of self talk.

As I started to breathe and relax, I played around with the window of lean. This focus amazes me. As I work with gravity and lean from my ankles my speed increases. Not able to keep this focus for very long right now, I lengthened the back of my neck and let my core muscles help me out.

The next focus I worked on was the “C” shape. This focus comes easy for me so I played around with it and then did the pool running focus to free my pelvis. As I ran fast, then broke into a brisk walk, I was able to relax my pelvis and feel a freedom in my stride that wasn’t there before. Sometimes my running reminds me of the rides I had on my young horses. I loved to collect them into the bit and then let them run freely like the wind. This is the picture I keep in my mind as I run.

Home now after a great run, I stretched, drank a protein shake and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast with my cat “Sweets” relaxing in the sunshine beside me.

Cheers to all my fellow runners out there!

I hope you have a fabulous run and a super day!

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  • tom magee

    Hey Good Looking,

    Jolene Thompson gave me Mark’s blog site this a.m. after we were wondering about the two of you. Hope all is well! I miss that wonderful smile and positive outlook that you displayed. Laurie and I have been grandparents for five years….Ryan and his wife have two boys…five and three. It’s been a blast. Ashley’s teaching in Hudson…you know how that’s going!:) I will keep teaching and choose to be optimistic through this ordeal. No much else I can do! Take care, Tiger!

  • nancy

    Hey Good Looking back at you! great hearing from you. We are doing great, wishing all this snow would vanish. How are you and your family?

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